QUARTZ WATCH - How does it work?

Created by Simone Della Ragione the Jul 07, 2021

OROLOGIO AL QUARZO - Come funziona?

Before we start talking about quartz watches, it is worth mentioning one thing.

Up to the end of the 1960s, Switzerland had a real monopoly in the world watchmaking industry for about 100 years. There is even talk of about 90% of the world market.

A product born from the elegant French spirit, from Italian creativity and without doubt, from German precision and meticulousness.

Orologio meccanico da polso: funzionamento e caratteristiche

What happened in the 60's?

Right in the late 60's, more precisely in 1969, the SEIKO maison put something on the market that, from then on, became revolutionary. Let's talk about the first clock with quartz .

An almost futuristic technology completely unknown to many that has turned out to be a real bolt from the blue for Switzerland.

The Japanese, after years of hard work, were able to understand the value of the quartz used in the field of watchmaking and still today, together with Switzerland, are the largest producers of quartz movements.

In fact, quartz - the second most abundant mineral on our planet - has a very particular characteristic that has made it the protagonist. Quartz, if subjected to an electrical source, tends to vibrate. To be more precise, it vibrates 32768 times per second. This specific chemical-physical property produces oscillations (or vibrations) which are managed to make a series of gears work in synchrony.


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