DIESEL - Beyond fashion

Created by Simone Della Ragione the Jul 07, 2021

DIESEL - Oltre la moda

For over 15 years, the Diesel brand has found an opportunity to make people talk, obviously well, about themselves. The desire to take risks and get involved with a style all of its own is in the DNA. Suffice it to say that in 2006 the same brand produced what is the largest wristwatch ever produced. Let's talk about his GranDaddy whose diameter is 76 millimeters. A real "watch" to be cuffed!

Yet, Diesel has found an interesting success also thanks to the shrewd choice of producing only 1000 pieces on a world scale. A springboard that has made Diesel a well recognized and appreciated brand in “oversize watches”.

Luck? Coincidence? These two factors are undoubtedly present in the growth, but without the skill of a dynamic and astute team this story would not have been successful.

Just think of the Diesel Fadelite model. A real jewel whose attention to detail was damned maniacal. A smartwatch that is unrivaled.

The creativity born of the fashion industry has certainly made its growth faster and more concrete. The touch of class was born thanks to the collaboration with the graphic designer Mad Dog Jones , who has previously collaborated with Diesel. The illustrator who now resides in Toronto has created a sort of CyberPunk soul at Diesel, which gives a touch of freshness.

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